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Our Schedule
Fundamentals Gi Beginner
Monday 12PM, 6PM
Tuesday 7:30PM
Wednesday 12PM, 6PM
Thursday 7:30PM
Friday 12PM
Saturday 10:30AM
Sunday -
All Levels Gi
Monday 6AM
Tuesday -
Wednesday 6AM
Thursday -
Friday 6AM
Saturday -
Sunday -
All Levels No Gi
Monday 7:30PM
Tuesday 12PM, 6PM
Wednesday 7:30PM
Thursday 12PM, 6PM
Friday -
Saturday 12PM
Sunday -
Our Location
5105 Maryland Way Ste 101, Brentwood, TN 37027
Jiu Jitsu 101

Learn the most basic positions and techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a great class for new students to build their foundation and offers students the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session.

Fundamentals Gi

Taught in the gi, which is the traditional BJJ uniform. This class teaches fundamental techniques, movements, and defense and is ideal for both white belts and experienced students to learn and reinforce fundamentals, drill techniques, and have fun.

All Levels Gi

This class is open to all teen and adult members and builds upon the techniques taught in the Fundamentals Gi class. Students will learn and practice more advanced techniques and grappling strategies to take their training to the next level.

All Levels NoGi

NoGi Jiu Jitsu is a style of submission grappling performed while wearing a compression shirt (rashguard) and grappling shorts or leggings. This class combines Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu techniques and the modern leg lock game. All teen and adult students are welcomed to attend this class.


This is an open mat training session where students can use the mat to drill or do live training rounds.

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